01. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo Indonesia

Written by Mrs. Robyn    

A. From March. 25 – 27 th2017 and my wife and I did a 3Days/2Nights klotok live aboard with organizer by Enno ? An amazing trip. Excellent guide most help for good English. Captain was axcellent and cook was wonderfull good food. We were blessed to have such a great crew.

Writte by Mr. Nick & Mrs. Robyn

B. I write this review to highly rate this company of Pt.Orang Utan Kalimantan for their outstanding service to the tourist industry on the island of Kalimantan. From the very beginning Pak Ennog was an excellent contact in assisiting us plan for the trip. He would constantly keep us updated in the planning process. Once on the trip we were treated like Kings and Queens his staff on the boat were amazing and made our holiday an event we will not forget. The foods on board was very good ( so much of it ) the guides were very helpfull and the crew were amazing. I higly recommend Pak Ennog to you ?

 02. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo 

Written by Mr.Dirk Handel

“An Amazing Trip”

From.2 – 5.10 th2016, Oct. I always wanted to go into deep jungle to feel the nature and wildlife there. I was surprised by the beauty and the stunning variety of plants and animals. I had a fantastic tour with this company organised by Enno, the owner. I had a well experienced and highly caring guide, Hadri, on my side. He made this tour to a highlight in my life. I really recommend him. I could see a lot of Orang Utans and other kinds of monkeys. The night safari was breathtaking. Not to forget the lovely houseboat with a charming crew and delicious food. It was an overall satisfying and touching trip. Thanks dear Enno for this experience!!!

03. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo

Written by Mr.Nolan’s

Incredible ?

From 11 to 14th May my wife and I did a 4Day/3Night klotok live aboard with Ennog as our guide through www.orangutankalimantan.com

Boat & Crews
Boy, were we in for a treat! We had a 9h00am start on day 1 and from the get go it was excellent! From the first bold Flores coffee and biscuits at tea time the standards jus rose and rose. Every meal was top quality, fresh fish, tasty undoubtably free range chicken, lots of veggies and all presented very nicely. In between the main meals there were always tasty local treats like deep fried banana or a fantastic rice ball soup/pudding dish which I forget the name!

I specifically asked for a boat with only my wife and myself as
we had had some bad experiences sharing boats with other people during our travels and Ennog was true to his word and arranged a private boat.

The boat itself was excellent, well maintained with a clean toilet and the the deck (which is your living & sleeping quarters) had 3 different seating options for bird and monkey business was always spotless. The crew members (The cook, the captain and the assistant) were making everything work smooth as swiss clockwork. They were so thorough that they even washed our shoes without us even asking! In the late afternoon the boat would moore somewhere in the park and it was joyous, we’d have a cup of tea with the sun setting, the birds chirping, gibbons calling and our cook singing the most wonderful local songs while preparing our dinner! Then we’d sleep on the deck with just the misquito net while the jungle rhythm was buzzing all around us.

As if everything else wasn’t idyllic enough we had a great guide as well.

Ennog was always on hand to share his considerable knowledge on everything in the jungle from edible fruits through to the orangutans but at the same time allowing enough time just for chilling. He grew up in a small village in the area so he definately has the local knowledge. What I also liked about Ennog is he is a good english speaker and knows his country. He’s also serious about conservation and serves as an advisor for some of the other regions of indonesia and is very involved in lobbying the government to protect and develop Tanjung Puting Tanjung National Park sensibly and responsibly as the tourist numbers are increasing very quickly at present. At first I thought this was sales talk but when we where hiking in the jungle, walking in the villages and especially at camp leaky and the other camps you could see this in action: He clearly had authority among the other guides, was stern with the other guides who were making noises to attract orangutans to face cameras or were actually touching orangutans (which is a big no no) and was telling villagers in no uncertain terms not to litter (and all of this was not just happening when we were within earshot). He is passionate about conservation and the park and to be quite frank indonesia need more people like Ennog.

He is also very knowledgable about Indonesia and has actually live in Lombok, Bali, and Jakarta as well so has so great advice on the regions. He’s also a sailor himself and has worked himself up from cook and assistant on yachts to guide of his own ship. He is very much a man in control of his own destiny with his own dreams and visions for the future. No amount of effort is to much for Ennog, We wanted to do a bit of extra hiking and he arranged a 4 hr hike early morning and also an excellent night hike. I am learning Bahasa Indonesia and also got lots of free tutoring from Ennog.

Ennog and his crew were excellent. I would say this is the best value for money experience we have had in 6 months of travel in Asia Pacific. Would I recommend a friend ? YES. Would I go back ? DEFINITELY

How to get in touch with Ennog:

Why should you care what I think (and what we like):
My wife and I are professionals living in London, our previous home was Toronto. We don’t care to pay a fair price and can afford trips from backpacking to serious luxury BUT asolutely hate it to feel ripped off. Our minimum requirement is clean and safe.  We review only exceptionally good and exceptionally bad places and only if there is no other reviews already stating the case. Since December 2012 we’ve been travelling full time and have lived everywere from a private winery in South Africa to what appeared to be an undercover bordello in Kaula Lampur. Before this we’ve travelled Africa, Europe and the US extensively.

04. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo

Written by Mr. Alberto’s

* Gorgeous Orangutan Trip *

From.1 – 3.7th2016 August. my girl and I did a 2Night/3Days klotok live aboard with organizer by Enno and local guide hadri ? www.orangutankalimantan.com

Regarding the tour, we 100% recommend your organization, everything was perfect, the food was really good, the boat was clean, the tripulation ultra nice, and hadri (the guide) was also super nice. He helped everything to work good and give us good explanations. So we are very happy with company of (Pt) Orang Utan Kalimantan the owner of Mr. Enno. Thanks for company of (Pt) Orang Utan Kalimantan  to make the trip to Borneo one of the coolest parts of our trip to Indonesia.

05.Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo

Written by Mr. Kim + Mrs. Carolina

From.14 – 16.9th2016 September. We had a amazing experience, everything was good and really we are loved it!! The Orangutans lovelly really!! so we are closer to orangutans approx.5 metters very amazing!! The crew of housboat very nice and your nephew really a good guide and the Housboat amazing we love it!! We are tell everybody this experience like the best with www.orangutankalimantan.com. We will recomended you in your page of internet …. A pleasure!!     Thank”s for all!! Enno.

06. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo

Written by Mr. Keith Flecher by Austalian Group 6 peoples

Incredible !!

From. 20 – 24.7 th2016, Sept Orangutan Tour &

From. 24 – 29.7 th2016,Sept.Derawan Island Tour

. We were a group of 6 (3 couples) and took a 4 night tour into Tanjung Puting National Park. The boat tour was fabulous – the crew were excellent, our friendly guide Budi was helpful, knowledgeable and informative, with very good English skills. The captain, Pak Daus, also had a keen eye for wildlife and made sure that we saw as many primates, birds and crocodiles as possible while cruising the river. The cook, Ibu Jainun, kept delicious food coming. Budi’s experience meant that we had excellent views of the orangutan at the feeding stations, and we also enjoyed all the walks through the jungle, both day and night, to see other plant and animal life. While facilities on the boat were relatively basic, they were also comfortable – the mattresses and mosquito nets made for very comfortable sleeping arrangements. The crew did everything in their power to make sure our needs were catered for. There are other companies offering the same sort of tour, but I can highly recommend company (Pt).Orang Utan Kalimantan. We added a further leg to Derawan Island in East Kalimantan, and the manager, Ennog, was able to organise the appropriate flights at a good price. We were very impressed on our return from the orangutan tour to find that in our absence (and with no phone contact) a couple of those flights had been cancelled, and Ennog had been able to arrange replacement flights at very short notice which meant that we reached our destination on time. The Derawan homestay was basic but comfortable, and our local guide Jon took us on some amazing snorkelling adventures! We were there in late September and there were very few other tourists around. With the amount of building going on they must be expecting plenty more. The coral around the islands has been quite badly damaged, but the fish life, including mantas, and the giant turtles are plentiful and well worth seeing. The Jelly fish lake was a real experience!! The meals included in the package that Ennog put together were very good, although for us breakfast was a little hit and miss – I suggest organising rice or noodles if you are not a fan of donuts. Overall, very highly recommended!!

07. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo

Written by Miss.Laura & Miss.Amy 

” Amazing Orangutan  trip ”

From April. 5 – 7 th2017 and my girl and I did a 3Days/2Nights klotok live aboard with organizer by Enno ? An incredible trip with Pt.Orang Utan Kalimantan, we really did not think that we would be able to get as close to the Orangutans as we did. We are impressed with the extensive research that is continuing and the efforts to help the Orangutans thrive. Our crew on board our kelotok,Budi,Sopy,Captain Bodoi,Abus the animal,and Isna our chef have been great very attentive to all our needs and happy to chat with us too. Thank you So much for an Amazing Tanjung Puting National Park Dear Enno ??

 08. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo

Aug.16 – 18 th2017

Our Trip with Sopy

These couple of days have been amazing, this area is full of wonders and it has been a pleasure to enjoy them by the side of this crew. Sleeping with the sound of the animals under the light of the milky way is something we will remember.

Apart from this, the food was magnific (we think we’ve got some kilos here) and the four members of the crew have been remarkably helpful.

Terima kasih, keep up the good work and save the orangutan of Borneo

Spain, german and last trip Indonesia

 Written by Alvaro + Sarah

09. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo

Sept.8 – 10 th2017

Hi Sopy

Our trip with you  has been a reall wonderful experience,  we lett full of attention from you, always kindly. Thank you all the crew.

So, these two days view and your company name is of Pt. Orang Utan Kalimantan were enjoying .

See you !!

Written by Aihona + Airora

10. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo

Sept.25 – 27th2017

Vamos a la junglaaa !!

A big thanks to you Sopy and your amazing Team for this incredible adventure. You guys are  great and we will never forget these two days in Tanjung Puting National Park.

Terima Kasih 0)(0

Written by Jean Francois + Ine 

11. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo

October. 10 – 13 th2017

Hi Ennog.

We have intensively enjoying the trip on you kelotok. You crew with Aan in the lead is in one word marvelous. Thanks for your efforst making our holiday such a pleasure.

It’s now two days ago we left the crews. We still miss them though !

Written by Mr. Claudius Stuurm + Mrs. Marijke Hoogerboord.

12. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Borneo

October. 13 – 15 th2017

We finish. All was great. Good host your nephew Sopy and very kind the rest of the crew.  Thanks for all and sure that we will recommend you in Bercelona !

Written by Mrs. Jose Maria Gines Miranda + Mr. Marc Valenti Ribas

Written by Mr. Andrez Munoz Aguilar + Mrs. Dunia Facco Herrerias

13. Tanjung Puting National Park,Central Borneo

May. 19 – 21 th2018

We spent the last 3 days navigating in the river & visiting 3 camps where we were able to see the orangutans while they were feed. Is an excellent experience, it bring you back in contact with nature and teaches you about the increable world in while we live. Our favorite was Camp Leakey 3 where we had the apportunity to see 5 female orangutans with their baby’s. Without question an unforgetable experience. Thanks to Sopy and the team that helped us to have this experience !

Written by Mis Elena’s

14 Tanjung Puting National Park

October. 21 – 23 th2018

Mis. Elena Guillen Martinez: Ennog, don’t worry. We have had one of the best experience ever. Your team is amazing. Sopy, Eman and Henry were very kind with us. Your sister Inun she is the best cook ??? we are very happy Ennog. Thank you so much for everything. I will strongly recommend to you to another tourist

Hope see your team again soon !


Thank you so much for supporting Pt.Orang Utan Kalimantan Tour !

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