Tangkoko Park Photography Tour, Bitung Village in Menado


Duration            : 3Days/2Nights
Start                    : Menado Airport
End                      : Menado Airport
Flight Ticket      : Organize by your self & We could help you (charge) organize your flight ticket

Tour Itinerary 3D/2N

Upon arrival in Sam Ratulangit Airport Menado (approx. 16h00 pm/wita, early morning time or in the afternoon time), you will be picked up by our local guide and he will take you to Tangkoko Homestay,Bitung Village by car (approx. 2 hours driving). When you arrive at your homestay you could drop all of you stup and you could check in Tangkoko Homestay aquitment in side of room you had type of room like AC room and you could had FAN not hot water shower tank. So, you could see Tarantula on Tree hold at Night time with our local guide there. When you done to see the Black Taratula after that our local guide bring you back to Homestay and you had time to shower and after that free time you could seating at restourant Homestay wait for dinner and free time. Please bring along your own mineral water and some biscuits. In the morning trip You might the Black Macaca Nigra in the wild, hope also you can spot the bear cuscus, Hornbill etc.


After breakfast at Homestay our local guide preparing aquitment ready to start doing trip Clock 5,6am/wita to the forest for searching the monkey Yaki, Local Bahasa (Macaca Nigra,Big group), Birds Breaked kingfishers, Bear Branch, Cuscus,Hornbill,Spectral Tarsius small, by car going direc to parking area and we are stop there (approx.10 minute) and than walk into the forest for 3 hours walking around and and than return to our car parking are and return Tangkoko Homestay for get lunch and take rest at Homestay. When you wake up in the afternoon approx. 3 – 4pm/wita you could used by car return to our car parking area againt and stop there and walk into the forest to searching the monkey Yaki (Macaca Nigra,Big group againt and called name of group Rambo 1 and there is Rambo 2 too, Birds Breaked kingfishers, Bear Branch, Cuscus,Hornbill,Spectral Tarsius and than after that our local guide he gonna bring you direct into the Big Beringin Trees one of Spectral Tarsius place for overnight and stay during the day and than if you want to see the Spectral Tarsius our local guide he gonna feed them with some Grasshopper and than the Spectral Tarsius will come to jump take the Grasshopper and than jump back to Beringin Tree. So, you could feed them at night time also in Beringin Tree and than back to parking area and return to Homestay by the car (approx.10 munite) drive to your Homestay and take shower and than take a dinner advance and after our local guide will bring you to back to forest to found the Black Taratula small size he make ness at hold trees.

Please bring along your Own Mineral Water and some Biscuits. In the morning trip You might the Black Macaca Nigra in the wild, hope also you can spot the bear cuscus, Hornbill etc.

After breakfast at Homestay nearlly the Tangkoko Park our local guide preparing a car for you and then when you already my local guide he will take you to Sam Ratulangit Airport, Menado and let you take of to some where other are.The End

This price it was Include and Exclude check in the bellow

– Local Guide
– Fruite season
– Meals (B.L.D)
– Aqua mineral waters
– Tangkoko Homestay
– SoftdrinksCoca cola, Sprite
– Small/Regular camera digital
– Snacks,Vanilla, Wafers, Peanuts
– Enttrance ticket Tangkoko park for Tourist’s
– Cars. Pick up Airport and Homestay Airport

– Phone
– Laundry
– Extra day
– Extra meal
– Flight ticket
– Hotel In Town
– Insurance travel
– Personal needed
– Big camera film video
– Alcoholic whiski, beer we could help you to found out the beer but you expenses.

So, if you any question don’t hesitate to ask me, all about this Tangkoko Park and as soon as possible to answer your email.


A down payment of 50% is payable upon booking and to be paid within 3 days of booking, the balance payment on arrival date at Manado Airport. The down payment or the full price can be paid by transfer to our bank account in Indonesia in rupiah account only. Payment on arrival date is preferable in Rupiah. We regret we can not accept credit cards. On Batu Putih village near Tangkoko Park there is no ATM, so you need to bring cash with you to fund any additional spending.

NOTE: guests book this trip means we will taking care your trip, Involved only the realiable Park ranger who knows well the jungle area and know where to spot the wild animal in tangkoko Park.  The reason is because if not booking the trip in advance mean the staff ranger at the entrance office will sign a local guide to you and sometimes the guide can not speak English and do not know where to spot the wild animal. Kindly please BOOK in advance and let us do the arrangement for you if email not reply then please send us Massages or Call to our Company named is Pt.Orang Utan Kalimantan and call us at  +62813-4920-1974. Whatsapp/Call/Tellegram or sent to our Company email Address: info@orangutankalimantan.com

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