Private Tour Derawan Island

Welcome To Wonderfulness Derawan Island East Kalimantan Derawan Island, Indonesia

Derawan is a little, sandy, teardrop shaped island. There are plenty of coconut palms, picturesque village with exceptional nice inhabitants. Sandybottom at island’s edge, shallow water and shells which nobody picks up – it is a paradise for not only backpackers but everybody! Nearby there are three other islands: Sangalaki Island, Kakaban Island and Maratua Island. There is one of Family has built a nice and cosy homestay with six (6) rooms on a bridge at the Derawan beach.

Under the bridge, in an edge water, there are big, green turtles resting. Those are with no doupt a big atraction for everybody visiting this place. You don’t have to be diver to admire the underwater world. It is enough with mask, snorkel and flippers to approach the turtles on arm distance. On the bridge there are also a restourant with beautiful sea view.

Nearest located to Derawan is Sangalaki, sometimes called by the divers “The Kingdom of Mantas”. The distance is only 25 kilometers. Snorkeling among enrmous, but very with very gracy budge mantas is an unforgettable experienc for everybody. Those giants, with wing lenght of up to five (5) meters, are coming to the beach each day.



From Jakarta you can reach Kalimarau Airport and Derawan Island very easily. From outside of Indonesia archipelago, you can reach Jakarta (CGK) and if you want to go to Pangkalan bun is better to you to take Trigana Air flight/ no IL-708 / (CGK) Dept; 09h10am WIB – (PKN) Arr;10h20am WIB. They will serve you Daily and also they will bring you direct to Pangkalan bun.

From Jakarta you can catch also Kalstar Aviation flight from Jakarta (CGK) Dept; 15h15pm WIB – (PKN) Arr; 16h15pm WIB in Pangkalan bun Airport Iskandar. So, if you want going to Derawan Island it is better to you to get Kalstar Aviation flight, from Pangkalan bun Airport iskandar (PKN) Dept;8h25am WIB one time transit in Banjarmasin(BJM) Arr;10h43am WIB.

And then if you want to catch the same Kalstar Aviation flight to Derawan Island you have to wait next day and also you can catch different Flight’s from Banjarmasin (BJM) Dept;9h10am,WITA – Balikpapan(BPN) Arr;09h59am WITA and then you can catch the same Kalstar Aviation flight and also you could catch anothers flight’s from Balikpapan(BPN) and then Kalstar Aviation flight they are had Two flights Dept:11h10am and then 16h45pm WITA – Arr;12h00pm and then 17h45pm WITA.


From Singapore / Jakarta you can reach Balikpapan very easily.

From Jakarta it is better to take morning flight between 06h00am – 08h00am Jakarta time with Bouraq; Lion Air, Kartika Air, Air Asia, and Garuda Indonesia, so you can connect nicely with Kalstar, Wings Air and Sriwijaya Balikpapan – Berau.

Silk Air, Singapore Airlines has daily flight to Balikpapan. At the mean time taking Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday Singapore – Balikpapan 07h55am – 10h15am is the best so you can connect with flight Balikpapan to Berau by Wings Air, Sriwijaya and Kalstar  at the same day.

From Berau taxi toTanjung Batu and take a boat to the island.

Or directly a fast boat from Berau to Derawan Island, ca 2.5 hours

When you arrive at homestay, our guide will bring you to check in homestay.

Another alternative way to get there is through Malaysia:

Kuala Lumpur-Tawau (flight) from Tawau hydrofoil to Tarakan

Tarakan-Berau flight or Tarakan-Derawan boat


Following we provide Private package price to the Private vacation to Derawan island 3 days 2 nights and 4 days 3 nights, either via Tarakan and via Berau. We deliberately serve Private package price in because numerous requests from some of the guests going on a vacation to the Derawan.


Start/End: Kalimarau Airport – Tanjung Batu – Derawan Island
Duration: 4Days/3Nights
Departure date of visit: organize yourself.



Arrived at the Kalimarau airport, our guide pick up you at front departure are and then headed to the port of Tanjung Batu to the via Berau. Or from the Juata Airport headed to port for the SDF via Tarakan Town. After loading it into the speed boat and heading to the Derawan archipelago. After arriving in Derawan check in, free event. Can walk to the beach while hunting photos. Time 19h00pm dinner and then hunting turtles lay eggs and release of dive (if any one of turtles)


Day 2; Explore Kakaban and Sangalaki (B, L, D)

Day attendees can enjoy the sunrise at the Derawan Islands (Kiani Beach) 07h00am breakfast, after breakfast prepare the equipment had to be brought. 08h00am heading to Kakaban island, after arriving in Kakaban island hunting photos and snorkeling to 11h30am Sangalaki, arrived on Sangalaki island heading to the Lake (snorkling with jelly fish, hunting photos) after it breaks (rice lunch boxes) and continue on Sangalaki island snorkling reef. 15h00pm towards the Derawan Island and after that the show could play freely, banana boating and hunting public pier at sunset 19h00pm dinner and free time.


In the morning you can enjoy the sunrise at the Derawan Island (Kiani) 07h00am breakfast, after breakfast prepare the equipment had to be brought. 08h00am heading to the island of Sangalaki (Explore the island of Sangalaki can see turtles dive and hunting Photos) after that snorkeling in the coral garden spot, then to mantaray, spot. 15h00pm heading to the island of gusung (hunting photos) 16h30pm arrived at the Derawan non 19h00pm event and dinner, free time can hunting souvenirs and explore roads Derawan.

Day 4;Derawan Island -Tanjung Batu – Kalimarau Airport /Tarakan Town (B)

After breakfast hours at 07h30am. Our Guide is ready to take you to Tanjung batu after arriving you directly by car directly to the Kalimarau Airport /Tarakan city, (the finish of the tour, see you next trip). Timetables can change at any time the existing sikon, adaption if any request outside of the package and any additional route please contact your guide or Call you Tour Organizer. Ennog :+62(0)813-4920-1974.


For the prices, you may contact us to . Please give us further details of your itinerary and we will get back to you shortly.


The cost of transportation from the airport to the port,return-speed boat from the harbour towards (PP) The Derawan Island return-speed boat to the Tanjung Batu port / Tarakan City (PP)

  • Speed boat to the circumference to the islands of Sangalaki, Kakaban island of Maratua Island and Island gusung
  • the room (room type in accordance with the selected package)
  • Local guide
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Lifejaket
  • Entrance fees to the islands of Kakaban Island
  • Mineral water/aqua in speed boat
  • Towel for the shower on the homestay
  • Dinner, 2 x lunch, 1 x breakfast, 2 x in Derawan Island (package 3 days 2 nights)
  • 3 x dinner, 2, x lunch, 3 x breakfast in Derawan Island (package 4 days 3 nights)


  • Binocular
  • Blanket to sleep on the , just in case
  • Flashlight
  • Malaria pills (via prescription) Just in case
  • Mosquito repellent, long sleeves shirts and long pants (to protect from mosquitoes)
  • Protection from the sun (hat, sunglasses, sunblock)
  • Small towel for humid or hot days on the beach
  • Socks, justin case
  • Shoes
  • Towel for the shower on the homestay, just in case


  • Airfare
  • Airport tax
  • Tipping box


  • To schedule tour 3Days 2Nights can be seen in Derawan Tour package 3Days/2Nights.
  • For a schedule of activities-tour 4Days 3Nights can be seen in Derawan Island tour package 4Days/3Nights.


  • Every participant transfer Down Payment 50% advance / 1 person to account
  • Each participant paid off the remaining money for registration at the latest the day -10
  • Each participant submit credentials via whatsapp/BBM/Email
  • Send proof of transfer via Whatsapp/BBM/Emai
  • The data required are as follow                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


  • Derawan Island
  • Kakaban Island
  • Sangalaki Island
  • Maratua Island
  • Gusung Island





  • The planning a fix schedule specify a Trip Organizer really can provide that strandar for your vacation.
  • Mobile always on and Provider Telkomsel and XL are the communication tools in Derawan island
  • Always love info to guide you if you want the streets
  • Bring the dressing to taste for clothes during the trip.
  • personal equipment to bring the sunblock camera swimsuit slippers towels, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, shower, Towel bag, Duffel, personalized medicine mosquito spray and slippers.
  • ready-to-wet shirt while explore Island
  • Mutually maintaining tolerance fellow participant Derawan island.
  • Each other keeping fellow participant Derawan island tolerance.
  • to avoid dehydration, it is recommended to drink mineral water.
  • Please bring clothes for the narcissist a duplicate colorful photographs
  • Ticket Booking away days prior your reply a day, issued a ticket with the day ticket prices could be a day soared. Moreover, at a time when the holiday long weekend and seat available was also unlikely to be had.
  • Please note the difference between Jakarta and the East Kalimantan was the difference today 1 hour, make your transit schedule take off in Balikpapan which are listed in the ticket is to use time WITA.
  • In selecting the Trip Organizer please ask with details about the facilities that will get, include:


  1. location where is the rooms?
  2. in 1 room on the content of what people?
  3. facilities rooms are Air conditioning or a FAN and the bathrooms inside/outside?
  4. for the cas imposed additional Maratua island whether to enter the Maratua island Paradise Resort to streets and hunting photos?
  5. In one group a maximum of how many people?
  6. In addition to the facilities already had another one if it will add other fees?
  7. To explore the island is the day 2 plus to the Kakaban after going Sangalaki and the day 3 plus to the island of Maratua and Gusung? Or the day 2 plus Kakaban Island – Maratua Island – Sangalaki island and of the day 3 plus to Gusung?



  • Each participant is required to pay the money registration amounting to 50% advance, -per person off the price of the package, and each participant is obliged to pay it off at the latest the day -15, and if the participant cancel part of the Tour fees are considered to be charred.
  • The price of the package Tour Derawan Paradise can change at any time if there is a change of provider of facilities that received the participants of the tour (for example, room rates, car, speed boats etc) and or if there is increase in Engine Fuel (BBM).
  • If there is a change/addition of the route of the tour it will be charged extra, and addition/alteration of the route upon agreement the majority of participants of the tour.
  • If participant Derawan Paradis late from the time specified by the Provider for any reason, then the participant is considered resigned and cannot be requested or demanded back the money that has been transferred to the Provider and is considered to be charred.
  • If in case of emergency/forced/is not resolved because of the natural conditions, riots, a gripping, bad weather and other then the itinerary can be changed either the arrangement as well as its schedule without prior notice, it is in the interest and security of participants and a smooth ride. In this case no refunds to participants of the Tour service which is not being used.
  • If any participant Derawan Paradise alleged and making a mess/riot against the participants of the Tour that can harm other Tour participants, then the Provider has the right to pull out of the participants and may not be demanded/asked for money paid for the package price.
  • Participant Derawan Paradise in healthy physical and spiritual state of
  • This Tour is common, one person can join the Tour in Derawan Paradis. Minimum age of participants was small children or adult any age is not an important issue parents can keep an eye on her son.
  • Snorkeling equipment that we provide will be the responsibility of each participant Derawan Paradise, and if there is damage to or loss of the participants should be replaced with the appropriate price.
  • The participants considered to be understood and consent to the terms of the above tour.




  • 1. do not dispose of garbage in an arbitrary place
  • 2. Does not damage existing reefs and do not carry marine life found in the location of destination either dead or alive
  • 3. Always wear a life vest when the snorkel/swim in the sea.
  • 4. adhere to the Tour Guide.
  • 5. be friendly and polite towards your fellow participant Derawan Paradise Lodging standard package