Orangutan Kalimantan Tour 4D/3N


Duration : 4Days/3Nights
Start/Meeting Point : Pangkalan Bun Airport
End : Pangkalan Bun Airport
Flight Ticket : Organize by your self & We can help you organize your flight ticket (charge) 

Tour Itinerary. 4D/3N

Day 1: BOAT : Jakarta Airport -Pangkalan bun Airport -Kumai Boat Harbour-Sekonyer River (meals provided: L, D)

Upon arrival in Pangkalan Bun Airport, you will be picked up by our local guide and he will take you to Kumai Boat harbor by car (approx. 20 minutes). Then you will proceed by Houseboat (Kelotok) to the Tanjung Puting National Park (approx. 2 hours). A Kelotok is wooden river Houseboat specially made for tourist and local tourist with a roof which forms the upper deck (so you can easily view the tropical rainforest). You will slowly or fast explore the quiet Sekonyer River to observe the presence of wild animals (ex. Proboscis Monkeys, macaques, and different kinds of birds). Then stop at Camp 1 Tanjung Harapan Station to see the feeding time at 15h00. But all of this deppent what time you gonna leave from Jakarta Airport and then what time you will be at Pangkalan Bun Airport. For sure… when your flight start leave from Jakarta Airport in the morning you will have time to see the Feeding Time at Camp 1 Tanjung Harapan Station at 15h0 0. If you leave start flight from Jakarta Airport in the afternoon past 14h00 and then be at Pangkalan bun Airport around 15h00. For sure you will late to see Feeding Time at 15h00 in Camp 1 Tanjung Harapan Station. Overnight on the Houseboat.
On the boat you will find a table, chairs, mattresses/cushions, pillows, mosquito nets, toilet, kitchen and generator for electricity thing on Houseboat.

Day 2: BOAT : Sekonyer River – Pondok Tangui – Camp Leakey – Pondok Ambung (B,L,D)

After breakfast, you will travel up the river by boat for approx.2 hours to Camp Leakey (research center). Before arriving at the Camp Leakey, you will stop in Pondok Tangui station to see the feeding time of orangutans at 9h00, and then next proceed to Camp Leakey. After lunch on the boat, you have the opportunity to take a short trekking in Camp Leakey or visit the information center, before seeing feeding time of orangutans at 14h00 or you could stop at Information Centre and after that our local guide bring you to Feeding Station area direct to the forest and when you done to see Feeding Time at 14h00. Our local guide bring bring you back to houseboat and continue to down river to make exploring in Camp Leakey to see Wild Orangutans,Probocise,Birds,Crocodiles, and enjoying view Camp Leakey river and direct to Pondok Ambung Camp is Tropical Rain Forest Station and you could make Treeking at Night Time around 18h30 with your local guide on this place to find the Tarsius,Tarantula,Birds,Python,Leopard,mouse deer other animals. After that you will back to Houseboat and you had Dinner on Houseboat and you could read abook and play game cards with your local guide and your Crew also come join mostlly. Overnight on the HouseBoat.

Day 3: BOAT : Camp Leakey River- Pondok Tangui – Pesalat – Village – Camp 1 (B,L,D)

After breakfast at 7h00, in Pondok Ambung and then our guide will bring you againt to Pondok Tangui in Camp 2 and to take a look againt feeding Time at 9h00 and you could stay in feeding time area approx.1.30 hours, and after that continue to the Pesalat Reforestation Statione to learn about their activities and support the staf Friend of National Park Foundation (FNPF) to protection the forest. So, if you want to Trees Planting Donation in Pesalat Reforestation Station. Please discus with your guide and you could decided and what you gonna do and if you wanna do this you must pay it pertrees to planting talk to the Ranger or Staf Friend of National Park Foundation (FNPF) but which one trees you will have it and do some Trees Planting Donation to empty area forest but must be you expanses to have Fruite Trees Planting for Wild Orangutan and also for other animals.

After lunch on the boat, you will visit the local village of Tanjung Harapan on the right side river (shop for local crafts and if possible visit the school) and if any idea like something to give to the kids in Tanjung Harapan Village and you could to give them like a book or anything what you have it and the kids it gonna be happy ! to take Gift’s from you guys. Then back on the boat to Camp 1, to see the feeding time of orangutans at 15h00. At night time, if the weather is good, you can see fireflies illuminating the Palm Trees (Pohon Nipah) trees. Overnight on the HouseBoat.

Day 4: BOAT : Seikonyer River – Pangkalan Bun Airport (B)

After breakfast our local guide will take you to Kumai Town into the Boat harbour (approx.20-30 minute) and than our local guide preparing car go to Pangkalan Bun Airport and our local guide let you guys take of by Plan to other area. The End


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The price it was Include & Exclude check in the bellow: 
Package Include :
– Private Boat Orangutan Tour for you guys and on the boat you will find. Table,Chairs,Mattresses,Pillow,Mosquito Net, Raguler Handle Shower,Pump Mechine,Toilet & Toilet paper , Kitchen,Generator Electricity. 
 Chef to make foods for you
Car X 2. Pick up Airport and Return Airport   or  Pick up from bus station in Pangkalan bun Town
 Nice Meals ( B.breakfast.  L.lunch.  D.linner )  Bread Breakfast,jams, pancake, Egg, Juice squash, Chicken, Fish, Prawn,Squid, season other thing                                                                                                                                                            – Softdrinks,Coca cola,Sprite
Snacks,Vanilla, Wafers.Peanuts 
Aqua mineral waters
 Donation to Ranger or staf (OFI) Orangutan Foundation International to Camp.1.2.3
You could do short treeking during the day at camp leakey with your local direct to Feeding Time Station at 14h00pm
– Visit to Camp 1. Two Time.  Visit to Camp 2. Two Time Visit to Camp Leakey 3. One Time  
– Treekking night time at Pondok Ambung with you guide and ranger                                                                  – Visit to village tanjungharapan just walk around the village and this                                                                      – Trees Planting Donation in Pesalat Reforestation Station at Friend of National Park Foundation (FNPF) and this one for 4D/3N (Flexible), you could do this Tour Itinerary or change program with your guide dicuse to direct to Tanjung Harapan Village.                                                                                                                                     Boat Parking in the park                                                                                                                                            Small camera digital         
Local Guide                 
Fruite season                
Organise your copy passport arrival at Pangkalan bun to tourism police staf

Package Exclude : 

 Flight ticket
 Insurance travel
  My Team Tipping
 Personal needed
 Extra day
 Extra meal
 Rimba lodge in the forest
 or Hotel Pangkalan bun Town

.Big camera film video comersial                                                                                                                  – Alcoholic. Beer & Whisky and we could help you to found for you